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There’s no defined ideal time to decorate when it comes to stencil. Whether it’s the festive season or you just trying to spruce up stuff around the home on an ordinary day, stencil crafting can be all the time.

It is a super fun and versatile way of giving surfaces some charm. It could be walls, throw pillows, wine glasses, or signposts. The freshest designs are, however, those that are custom-made and personalized.

If you can’t stand boring, store-bought stencil designs with cliche messages doing rounds in every home, or are tired of turning to your wallet each time for new decals, it’s time to create your own unique pieces.

Designing a stencil that suits your personality and taste isn’t so hard. It is even better if you already own a Cricut machine and software because the possibilities are endless. The real test is finding the right material for it.

So what’s the best stencil material for cricut? The best stencil material for cricut is vinyl, plastic or similar materials which are durable, but easy to cut and work with. Vinyl offers greater tack and adhesion, but plastic and other materials are more reusable.

That is why we created this buying guide for you. Reading through this post will equip you with valuable insights – information you will need to select the best stencil material for Cricut. Let’s get started.

Stencil Material For Cricut: What To Consider

What is a stencil? A stencil is any graphic design cut into a plastic (or other material) sheet. The aim is to overlay the sheet on another surface, and paint (or stain) over it to leave the cut-out illustration on the object once removed.

As a beginner, you have to carefully weigh your options to find the perfect stencil material for your needs. We understand the overwhelming number of stencil materials: mylar sheets, wax paper, stencil vinyl, laminated sheets, etc.

Picking what to go with for your next card-making, felt-cutting, or another crafty day, can be downright confusing. To help you with that decision, we will walk you through some things to look for as you shop:

1. Thickness of Material

The best thing about Cricut is that it will cut a variety of materials with relative ease. Conversely, it can accomplish that only to a maximum thickness.


Therefore ensure the dimensions of your stencil material is within the manufacturer’s recommended range for your machine. You’ll notice the thickness is labeled in mils or mm.

2. Durability

Are you looking to make seasonal stencils for a particular theme or occasion? Maybe you are looking to create designs you can utilize repeatedly. Some materials are reusable while others are disposable, so you have to check on that too.

Laminate sheets, stencil roll films, and Mylar sheets make great reusable material. Transfer paper, contact paper, and removable vinyl are sticky and thus disposable after a single-use.

3. Surface Compatibility

Ensure that your chosen stencil material is a good match for the intended blank surface. For instance, not every material will work well with fabric or canvas.

4. Safety

You can create stencils for decorating your cakes and cookies, for face painting, make-up art, or temporary body tattoos. We did say the possibilities are endless, didn’t we?

Yet, nothing overrides safety as a top priority. If you’re looking for something for cakes and cookies, for example, you want a material that is food-grade or skin safe. Wax paper and parchment paper are excellent food-grade stencil material.

5. Medium

You can opt to use acrylic paint, markers, chalk paint, etching cream, or stencil creme to fill your design. It is almost impossible to have a mess-free outcome with acrylic paint and non-adhesive stencil material that hasn’t bonded to the substrate below.

The thinness of its consistency makes it easy to seep under the stencil.If using paint, you want to go with a sticky and disposable option that will secure the outline tightly.

Therefore, which is the best stencil material for Cricut? The best stencil materials for Cricut are vinyl and plastic. They are the most ubiquitous, are easiest to use, and also perform efficiently.

Of the two, vinyl is typically cheaper and more stationary. Its tackiness allows eyeballing of any floating parts of a design. On the flip side, it is not quite as durable, and thus more of a one-time use choice. Plastic is longer-lasting, reusable, and economical, but lacks the tack needed to hold stencils in place.

5 Best Stencil Materials For Cricut

There are two popular stencil materials; vinyl and plastic. However, the number of brands competing for consumers’ attention is overwhelming, and unfortunately, not all of them are cut out for excellence.

RankProductKey Features
1.EG eMigoo Mylar Stencil SheetsDurable, versatile, 12x12" (12pk)
2.Cricut 2002685 Stencil VinylDurable, adhesive, 12×48” roll
3.Grafix Clear Craft PlasticHeat-tolerant, acid-free, 12x12" (4pk)
4.Oramask Stencil Film RollTacky, versatile, 12.1"x25ft
5.VViVid Blue Vinyl Stencil Film RollLow-Tack, adhesive, 12.1"x6ft

We help you zero in on the few brands worth your bucks by reviewing the five best stencil materials for Cricut. Have a look

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1. EG eMigoo Mylar Stencil Sheets

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The Best Stencil Material For Cricut In 2022 - The Creative Folk (1)

Mylars clears acetate sheets have been a favorite among avid stencil crafters for the longest time.

The 4 mil thick sheets are beautifully thin but still provide enough structure for a variety of projects. Even with a high-grip cutting mat, it is strong enough to withstand tear.

Perhaps what’s most lovable about them is that they flex nicely while remaining sturdy, which is ideal for making designs on curved surfaces like glassware.

The see-through finish makes sure you place the design right where you need it to be. With a smooth, stable, moisture resistant, and washable surface, you can clean up, dry, and store your stencils for the next time without worrying about ruining it.

You get 12 sheets in each pack, but if you need more, you can opt for a 25 pack. There’s a range of thicknesses too from 3mil to 7mil. Make sure you select the right one. Mylar is definitely a worthy pick for the performance.

2. Cricut 2002685 Stencil Vinyl

The Best Stencil Material For Cricut In 2022 - The Creative Folk (2)

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You can expect nothing short of an outstanding performance from a Cricut brand, and this stencil vinyl is a true reflection of quality.

It has an adhesive back with an impressive tack that thwarts any chance of bleeding. It also won’t budge from the position while you paint. Gridlines accompanying the transparent roll are handy features that aid with lining up your illustration.

The sheet adheres to an assortment of materials including walls, glass, wood, paper and fabric. As long as they are really smooth and flat, only minimal pressure is required.

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Still, it is not too sticky to rip when you peel off and it weeds with relative ease. The product is built to work with all Cricut machines, so you can only expect this stencil material to be the perfect match coming from the same manufacturer.

You get 12” by 48” which isn’t much for a crafting storm but enough for a couple of projects. The results are so good; you’ll wish there was more product on a roll.

3. Grafix Clear Craft Plastic

The Best Stencil Material For Cricut In 2022 - The Creative Folk (3)

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If you are looking for a plastic sheet that isn’t too thin and not overwhelmingly thick for your Cricut, Grafix has got you sorted.

The medium-weight transparent sheets make sturdy and durable stencil designs that you can reuse over and over.

They work perfectly with Cricut. You just need to play around with the settings to find what works for your Cricut model, but a transparent deep blade-triple cut setting should do.

It is a fantastic choice for making decorative stencil for baked goodies. The material is food grade as well, and without any tack that will ruin your perfect surfaces.

The thickness prevents it from sinking and disappearing into the icing, unlike thinner options. These sheets are ideal for fabric stencils as well.

Each sheet in the 25 pack measures 12” by 12.” If you’d like to go smaller or thicker, you’ll click on the other available size options.

4. Oramask Stencil Film Roll

The Best Stencil Material For Cricut In 2022 - The Creative Folk (4)

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The Oramask is a 3 mil stencil roll film. While this is a bit thinner than most brands, it still gets the job done.

It cuts nicely with Cricut on a stencil vinyl setting producing enviably crisp lines. And for a hassle-free time, it is best used with the blue Cricut low grip mat.

The seal is perfect on non-porous smooth surfaces like glass, ceramics tiles, and finished wood with little to no bleeding through when painted over.

You’ll enjoy weeding it out smoothly thanks to its color, average tack, and clear cut lines. For every pack you buy, you get 25 ft of stencil vinyl in a roll, so you can craft your heart out.

5. VViVid Blue Vinyl Stencil Masking Film Roll

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The Best Stencil Material For Cricut In 2022 - The Creative Folk (5)

Are you tired of wall decals pulling paint off of your walls? That’s because you haven’t tried VViVid Blue Low Tack Stencil Vinyl.

It contains just the right amount of adhesive needed for any smooth surface and can be repositioned if you didn’t install it right the first time.

The backing comes gridded to help you out with perfecting your alignment.

It is best paired with a light grip mat and a light tack transfer paper. As for the settings, you’ll have to find which vinyl setting works for you and use more pressure.

It is a decent and affordable buy with several length options going as far as 150 ft. Totally worth it for bold statement designs.

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