10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (2023)

By Tom Steel

Discard decks use a "high risk, high reward" strategy, but with great Marvel Snap cards like MODOK, Dracula, and Apocalypse, victory comes quickly.

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Discard decks have found a new lease on life in Marvel Snap's current meta, since the discard archetype has returned to prominence once again. Many new players weren't immediately sold on the concept of sacrificing their own cards. However, if one sets things up well, using a discard deck becomes one of the most efficient and enjoyable strategies of the entire game.

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There are various ways to play a discard deck in Marvel Snap, but new players to the archetype should avoid the cards with random abilities, like Blade, Sword Master and Moon Knight. Cards that discard others should be focused on specific cards. If not, the random nature of certain discards risks ruining the player's game plan. Additionally, several non-discard cards work well in the deck, from Sunspot and Nebula to The Collector and America Chavez.



10 Hela

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Hela discard decks take on a life of their own away from standard discard plays, but they're still worth talking about. Hela is a 6-Cost card that resurrects every single card the player discarded that game. Hela decks can carry heavy hitters like The Infinaut, Doctor Doom and Odin.

With enough luck, Marvel Snap players can discard these heavy hitters and play them again alongside Hela on the final turn. Ghost Rider also brings back a discarded card from the dead, but only one. Hela and Ghost Rider can fit into various discard decks with interesting synergies and combinations, even if they aren't required for the standard discard archetype.

9 Colleen Wing

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (3)

Controlled discarding is a valuable tool to have in a discard deck, and Colleen Wing certainly pulls her weight in that regard. Colleen discards the lowest-cost card from the player's hand, which will normally be used to target the 2-Cost cards, Swarm and Wolverine.

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In Marvel Snap, Colleen Wing even brings 4 Power of her own to the table as early as Turn 2, making her the perfect card to get the discard strategy underway. Colleen is a Pool 3 card that should be included over the likes of Blade and Sword Master.

8 Swarm

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (4)

One of Colleen Wing's intended targets is Swarm. At face value, Swarm is a 2-Cost card with 3 Power, but its value comes from staying in the player's hand and being discarded. As soon as Swarm is discarded, the initial card is replaced by two 0-Cost replicas.

If the player uses Marvel Snap's M.O.D.O.K., the player can end up with many free Swarm cards. These extras become extremely useful for swarming the field and fill up the locations. Players need a good balance between the cards that do the discarding, and those that benefit from it, making Swarm a must-have card.

7 Wolverine

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (5)

Wolverine is a unique Marvel Snap card that proves beneficial in both discard and destroy decks. Wolverine's ability lets it regenerate at a random location with +2 Power, whether it is destroyed on the field, or discarded in the player's hand.

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Players will rarely play Wolverine if they don't plan on activating his ability at least once per game, meaning that he should provide at least 4 Power. Swarm won't always appear in one's hand to be targeted by Colleen Wing. On those occasions, Wolverine can be discarded, letting him leap onto the field without costing players any Energy.

6 Lady Sif

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (6)

While Colleen Wing targets the lowest-cost cards in the player's hand, Lady Sif aims for the highest. She is especially useful in Hela decks, since she can target The Infinaut, Doctor Doom, and any other 6-Cost cards. In Marvel Snap's standard discard decks, Sif's focus generally shifts towards Apocalypse and buffing his total Power.

Like many of Marvel Snap's 3-cost cards, Lady Sif costs 3 Energy and brings 4 Power. However, the prospect of helping Apocalypse reach at least 12 Power is worth so much more than that. Regardless of whether players have unlocked M.O.D.O.K. or not, they should always have Colleen Wing and Lady Sif in their deck to discard their intended targets. Cards like Blade and Hell Cow aren't nearly as reliable.

5 Apocalypse

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (7)

Once Apocalypse is in play, discard decks can get very interesting. Apocalypse is a 6-Cost 8-Power card that returns to the player's hand every time it's discarded, but with +4 Power each time. This makes Apocalypse one of Marvel Snap's more flexible heavy hitters.

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Apocalypse reaches the Hulk's level of firepower after just one discard, can rival Orka after two discards, and even matches The Infinaut after three discards. Initially, Marvel Snap players used Apocalypse for pure Power on the final turn. When paired with M.O.D.O.K. and Dracula, Apocalypse can lend its power to the latter. Through Dracula, Apocalypse's formidable presence is felt, whether it is actually in-play or not.

4 Morbius

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Morbius is one of two important cards in a discard deck that benefits from other cards being discarded. Morbius' impressive Ongoing ability in Marvel Snap lets it gain +2 Power for every card discarded. This means it can hit impressive levels of Power if used alongside cards like M.O.D.O.K. and Hell Cow.

If granted sufficient protection, Morbius can run a location by itself, provided the player continues to discard cards. Morbius is an exceptional 2-Cost card, but needs to be played as early as possible, so it doesn't get discarded by Colleen Wing. Discarding Morbius can have worth later on in a Hela deck, but not in a standard discard deck.

3 Storm

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Cheap non-discard cards like Sunspot and Nebula can be great for the early rounds of discard-deck games, but they're easily replaceable. Storm, on the other hand, becomes very valuable within the discard deck. Storm floods its location and dictates priority, while forcing the opponent to panic and concentrate on the location before it becomes completely flooded and inaccessible.

This makes Storm the perfect protector for cards like Morbius. Morbius benefits from other cards being discarded, and can be susceptible to Shang-Chi in the later turns. This is where Storm's protection can be extremely valuable. By closing off the Marvel Snap location, Storm can protect Morbius as it continually increases in Power output.

2 M.O.D.O.K.

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (10)

M.O.D.O.K. changed the game for the discard archetype upon its introduction. M.O.D.O.K. discards all cards in the player's hand, which can reap the various benefits of a discard deck in one fell swoop. If used on Turn 5, M.O.D.O.K. can end up generating 0-Cost Swarms, powering up Apocalypse, and even providing ammo for Hela on Turn 6 — all while contributing to Morbius' Ongoing ability.

M.O.D.O.K.'s destruction can pave the way for Apocalypse or even America Chavez's guaranteed pull to bring serious power in the final turn. Marvel Snap has made M.O.D.O.K. available for only 3000 tokens for those who still don't have it, and this card really brings the discard deck together.

1 Dracula

10 Best Cards For A Discard Deck In Marvel Snap (11)

If M.O.D.O.K. clears the player's hand and a Dracula is already in play, then the latter should be primed for a great deal of Power come the end of the game. Dracula discards a card from the player's hand after Turn 6 has played out, and takes its Power as its own.

Dracula's targeting is ultimately random, meaning that Marvel Snap players should do everything they can to ensure that there are only high-power cards in their hand at the end of the game. M.O.D.O.K. into Apocalypse and America Chavez is the best way to ensure this. Dracula's potential can go both ways, but with good application, it's easily one of the best 4-Cost cards in Marvel Snap.

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